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At Bodhitree Entertainment, we specialize in sound designing including crafting immersive audio-visual experiences that resonate with your audience and elevate your brand's presence. Our team of visionaries, innovators and experts collaborates seamlessly, offering a spectrum of services – from Film Production and Event Management to Post Production Excellence, Sound Designing, Sound Mixing and Website Development in Delhi India. Every project is a masterpiece, reflecting our dedication to excellence and creativity. Join us in shaping narratives, making moments and leaving indelible impressions.

Our Mission

Envision the venerable Bodhi tree of enlightenment – a 2,500-year-old symbol of transformation and growth. Like this sacred tree, as digital promoters, we embody timeless evolution. Each project becomes a leap into boundless creativity, fueled by past insights and aimed at an uncharted future. Our enduring vision shatters norms and stands the test of time through expert mastery. Just like the Bodhi Tree, BTE also reflects enlightenment – because we stand for innovative progress, rooted in expertise, constantly advancing towards a pioneering horizon.

Our Mission
Our Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to be at the forefront of creative ingenuity, redefining storytelling through visual, auditory and digital mediums along with sound designing services and sound mixing services. We strive to be your trusted partner in bringing your ideas to life, infusing each project with unmatched passion and expertise.

What Sets Us Apart

With an unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation, we are the architects of transformation, turning dreams into captivating realities. Driven by a passion for pushing boundaries, our multidisciplinary team of creative leaders, technicians, and strategists collaborates seamlessly to revolutionize businesses and touch lives. With an unwavering commitment to precision and finesse, we ensure that every project we undertake becomes a CUSTOMISED indelible masterpiece, leaving an enduring impact.

Join Us on the Journey

Step into the world of Bodhitree Entertainment, where innovation knows no bounds, and creativity is the driving force. Let us be your partners in turning your dreams into captivating realities.

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About Us

Pawan Kumar, a visionary entrepreneur, illuminated the media production landscape by founding Bodhitree Entertainment in 2016, after an impressive two-decade journey. Starting as a Production Controller, Pawan swiftly ascended through roles like Production In-charge and Sr Operations Executive, showcasing his multifaceted brilliance. His fusion of creativity and strategic acumen led to Bodhitree's inception, redefining industry standards. Pawan's unwavering pursuit of excellence cements his status as an entrepreneurial luminary, inspiring professionals on a remarkable journey from humble origins to visionary success.

Pawan Kumar

Founder - Bodhitree Entertainment

About Us

Meet Purbasha Mukherjee, a visionary leader, and Co-Founder of Bodhitree Entertainment. With two decades of diverse administrative experience, she embodies unwavering judgment, creativity, and reliability. Her hands-on approach and inventive flair infuse every project with brilliance, surpassing industry norms.Purbasha's commitment to positive change drives projects that resonate globally. Her financial expertise, from budgeting to customer relations, ensures creative and fiscal success. She seamlessly manages complexities, optimizing resources and securing optimal deals. Her leadership style fosters unity and her personal touch forges invaluable client relationships. From her humble beginnings as an Office Executive to Co-Founder of Bodhitree Entertainment, Purbasha's journey enlightens, entertains, and enriches, establishing itself as a media production beacon under her insightful and dynamic leadership. 

Purbasha Mukherjee

Co-Founder, Bodhitree Entertainment

About Us

Innovative creative photographer capturing moments through a unique lens. Specializing in portrait, landscape, and conceptual photography, with a keen eye for detail and composition. Transforming ideas into captivating visuals, he brings a fresh perspective to every project, delivering striking imagery that evokes emotion and tells compelling stories.

Chattarpal Singh

Sr. Professional Photographer

About Us

Skilled video editor and motion graphic designer, adept at seamlessly weaving visual elements into compelling narratives. Proficient in industry-standard software, he brings creativity and precision to every project. His portfolio reflects a dynamic range of work, showcasing his ability to enhance storytelling through captivating motion graphics. From cinematic sequences to animated designs, he consistently delivers engaging visuals that leave a lasting impact.

Dheeraj Mehta

Post Production Head

About Us

Shivam Kinra is a visionary creative professional, seamlessly traversing the realms of photography, cinematography, and advertisement direction. Based in the vibrant cities of Mumbai and Delhi, Shivam is on a relentless pursuit to elevate his craft and emerge as a distinguished Director of Cinematography, specializing in the dynamic world of short-format content.Shivam is your gateway to captivating visual storytelling.His impactful role involves orchestrating every facet of production. From conceptualization to post-production, Shivam leaves no stone unturned, ensuring the realization of a client's vision.Before his current endeavor at the Bodhitree Entertainment, Shivam co-founded Films Creative, where he led as a cinematographer, expertly managing diverse projects, teams, and client interactions. His extensive freelance experience as a photographer and cinematographer showcases his boundless creativity.  

Shivam Kinra

Director of Cinematography


Our Partners

Bodhitree Entertainment has helped businesses all over the world over the years by developing not only video and photo production but also a long-term relationship of trust with the clients.

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