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Welcome to Bodhitree Entertainment- Masters of Video and Photo Production Excellence where visual creativity meets audio precision. We're your partner in crafting extraordinary corporate events that captivate, engage, and leave a lasting impression. Let's redefine your brand's presence.
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About us
Bodhitree Entertainment excels in curating immersive audio-visual encounters that connect deeply with your audience and enhance your brand's visibility. Our cohesive team of innovators, artists, and specialists seamlessly collaborates, providing a range of services. These include Film Production, Corporate Event Management, Post Production Excellence, Sound Design, and Website Development. We are one of the leading Corporate Events Planners In India.

A Glimpse of Our Services

With an unwavering commitment to quality, innovation and outcomes, we welcome you to discover the breadth and depth of our services.

Icon Film Production

Films Production

Experience the power of visual storytelling with Bodhitree Entertainment’s specialized film services...

Icon Post Production

Post Production Tasks

Transform raw footage into captivating narratives with Bodhitree Entertainment’s post-production services...

Icon Event Management

Event Management

Make your events unforgettable with Bodhitree Entertainment’s event management services...

Icon Sound Production

Sound Production & Management

Elevate your content’s impact with Bodhitree Entertainment’s sound services that resonate with emotions...

Our Team

Meet the driving force behind Bodhitree Entertainment.


Pawan Kumar, a visionary entrepreneur, illuminated the media production landscape by founding Bodhitree Entertainment in 2016, after an impressive two-decade journey. Starting as a Production Controller, Pawan swiftly ascended through roles like Production In-charge and Sr Operations Executive, showcasing his multifaceted brilliance. His fusion of creativity and strategic acumen led to Bodhitree's inception, redefining industry standards. Pawan's unwavering pursuit of excellence cements his status as an entrepreneurial luminary, inspiring professionals on a remarkable journey from humble origins to visionary success.

Pawan Kumar

Founder - Bodhitree Entertainment


Meet Purbasha Mukherjee, a visionary leader, and Co-Founder of Bodhitree Entertainment. With two decades of diverse administrative experience, she embodies unwavering judgment, creativity, and reliability. Her hands-on approach and inventive flair infuse every project with brilliance, surpassing industry norms.Purbasha's commitment to positive change drives projects that resonate globally. Her financial expertise, from budgeting to customer relations, ensures creative and fiscal success. She seamlessly manages complexities, optimizing resources and securing optimal deals. Her leadership style fosters unity and her personal touch forges invaluable client relationships. From her humble beginnings as an Office Executive to Co-Founder of Bodhitree Entertainment, Purbasha's journey enlightens, entertains, and enriches, establishing itself as a media production beacon under her insightful and dynamic leadership.

Purbasha Mukherjee

Co-Founder, Bodhitree Entertainment

"Let's bring your vision to Life”

Reach out to us now, and let's turn your ideas into extraordinary experiences.

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